2 commentaires sur « La cathédrale de Rouen »

  1. I was expecting something much more traditional. Or Monet perhaps? (and your post reminded me that when I was last in Rouen an artist was projecting slides of Monet’s cathedral paintings onto the cathedral itself). Anyway, I came expecting that sort of thing and got somthing quite different – and I like it!


    1. Thanks Andy, I alluded to Monet – I shouldn’t do that but I have loved his paintings since I was a child, several decades ago – precisely to create an expectation followed by a disappointment and perhaps – or rather – hopefully, an interest. the idea behind part of my work, not really a novelty, is that Monet, Art, music, are everywhere but that we have somewhat lost the ability to see it… I am using my blackberry to take pictures wherever I am and whenever I can. I forbid myself to work on the pictures once taken to keep whatever I might have encapsulated… Sorry for this long post. And many thanks for your kind comment, cheers, eric


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