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    1. It’s a reference to one of the previous day post ‘may the colours …rest in peace’. That post was full of abstract rainbowy pictures with two lake’s sets. The photo which I posted under the title ‘the answer is yesterday’ is exactly the opposite, it is melting in the ground, very concrete and so much so that the yellowish colour is actually embedded in the road. In a way it’s where the colours are dying, under our very feet, but we don’t see them anymore and the world of today is losing its colours, becoming a big grayish entity with no sense nor purpose… This explanation may be a bit too far-fetched…. In any case I like very much weird titles to my pictures to trigger a sort of a ‘decalage’ and have the viewer wondering what is behind the picture. not sure sure it is always successfull… Thanks for the message and for the ‘like’ it is very motivating…


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