4 commentaires sur « Penguins have come to realize that either they are shortsighted or the world is lacking in focus »

  1. Penguins surely feel lucky that the world might be lacking focus. Theirs is a beautiful and interesting world indeed!


    1. Dear Sonia, On behalf of the Community of Penguins from Southern Tasmania and Northern Papua New Guinea as established by the Great Government Circular No.123b of 43 December 2013 relating to freedom of conscience, expression, silence and motion, I would like to thank you for your kind comments, it being understood that Penguins are surely in a position to write but don’t know very much how to read which is slightly problematic when responding to comments…


      1. Dearest Representative,
        Please express my deepest gratitude to the community of Penguins from Southern Tasmania and Northern Papua New Guinea for their prompt and graceful answer.
        Please do tell them not to worry so much about the painstaking difficulties to read in a world that might be lacking focus as it allows them to bring attention to detail, emotion and imagination. It has become a deeply appreciated source of much joyful awe.


      2. I wish to thank you deeply for your kind message. I am afraid however that I will not be in a position to relay your very kind comment to the P(p)enguins immediately. Indeed, the said individuals are now discussing several elements in the way yours truly referred to them in an earlier communication. Firstly, theys are not sure whether to use the letter ‘p’ with uppercase or not. Secondly, and more importantly, there are diverging views in their group as to whether the territories were spelled out correctly. They have therefore decided, after several hours of intense negotiations, to set up a sub-working group entrusted with the task of looking into the matter urgently. I will revert as soon as I do have a reply. Please note that they have asked a lawyer to join them, in this case an existentialist toaster, a fact which may or may not add to the current confusion. Kindest regards.


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