2 commentaires sur « When the sun reappears after six months of an almost unbearable Arctic night, Penguins are not in a position to recognize it anymore and instead consider that it is a juxtaposition of layers of different shades and shapes of colours, a situation which puzzles and destabilizes them quite a lot. »

  1. …as it does me! we have had rain every day in Nottingham for as long as I can remember and the weather forecast for the weekend is for sun! remind me, what is that?
    I love the abstract images by the way, and that the (inordinately long) titles of your posts seem to have nothing at all to do with the images, reminding me of Malevich titles.


    1. Thx Andy, here in Geneva the weather has been slightly better but with rather cool temperature for a summer. Thx for the comments. I am not sure why I started the ‘penguins’ series but I love playing with these titles and the pictures…



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