After 34 hours, 26 minutes and 127 seconds of a rather painful and exhausting climb, Penguins reached the highest peak in the mountains surrounding them. They were very surprised that the bright city they were looking for was not lying there. They were further astounded to note that colours were not hiding there either and that the whole environment was mostly white with parcels of blue, grey and brown. Their disappointment was beyond any understanding or limit and they decided that they should create a god they could turn to with urgent and forceful lamentations. They however did not pursue the idea any further since they could not agree as to whether the said God would be referred to as He or She. They cried silently in the frozen mountains.

Penguins learnt about a wonderful city which was powerful, full of colours and displayed many golden and high buildings which were flirting with the sky. They were thrilled and overly excited and decided to go there at once. Having no idea where it could be located and facing the slight inconvenience of not understanding any single word pronounced by the ‘beings’ around them, they decided to climb the highest mountains and reach their snow-caps where undoubtedly this wondrous legendary city might be located.

Penguins were tired of looking for colours without finding them. They had approached every single soul in the Newpenguinsland but none was able to understand their question and when they replied the Penguins did not understand them. They had met trees that did not want to be trees, flowers that pretended to be cars, fireflies that presumed they were monkeys, lamps that considered they were fish, and they had become exhausted with such claims. They did not know what had to be done to find colours and became even more puzzled when they realized that they did not know what colours were all about. Eventually, they wanted to sing the song of penguins but there again noted that they did not remember it. To be frank, they were quite sad.

Wandering around for many days and nights, Penguins started realizing that there was a pattern in the unknown territory around them but they could not identify what it was. There was in particular an increasing number of ‘beings’ moving next to them making strange noises in a very awkward manner but they could not understand whether this had any meaning, a fact which they seriously questioned during hours of philosophical discussions. However, when one of them suggested to get rid of the ‘things’ and ‘beings’ to find the colors they were looking for, the others replied ‘how’ and they all decided to sleep and dream about their cherished land languishing under a dying sun.

Despite days of strenuous walk in their new world, Penguins were still not satisfied. They had met many new ‘ones’ and many new ‘things’, had established a godlike figure for these strangers in their own land, but had still not grasped the colours they were looking for. One of the Penguins then asked what they were all really looking for in this new place. The question raised eyebrows from his or her fellows, and all agreed not to respond fearing the reply.

Since they did not recognize anyone or anything around them, Penguins decided to call everyone ‘ones’ and everything ‘things’ and started looking for colours. Whatever did not match their liking they called black or white. After one day of intense research, penguins were still not satisfied with the result of their quest and decided to create a new entity which they called Godlike and asked things and ones to love it in the hope that this would bring colours back.