The penguins that had become macaws and now white doves where once again circling the cold water of the North Pole and were wondering where had the ice gone. They felt miserable, ashamed and lost in a country which this time was theirs but that they could not recognize anymore or vice versa. They tried to flap their wings as fast as they could in the desperate hope that this would freeze the ocean again but to no avail. Since they were doves, they sang a song of hope and peace but with no visible effect on the threatening water. Left with no other choice they decided to convene a meeting of all penguins whether or not they had become macaws or doves and to do so they started sleeping and thus dreaming.

Noticing that whatever they were doing, or trying to do, the water remained clear with no sign of ice whatsoever, the penguins that had become macaws reluctantly decided to let the colours of their feathers go in the hope that this would wash their presupposed infamy and enable the ice-cap to recompose. They had doubts about the impact of such a drastic measure on the climate change syndrome but could not afford not to give it a try. From penguins they had transformed into macaws and now their desire was to moult into white doves…

The penguins that had become macaws were extremely worried. After hours of flying above a sea which should have been of ice, they were still not able to discern any ice-pack. They came to the inadequate conclusion that the richness and brightness of their colours were triggering the instantaneous melting down of the ice cap. They thought that they faced a hideous choice of either going back to the land of sinister shadows or staying in this wonderful place to the risk of generating a disaster. They decided to fly in circles and sing the song of their lost souls while trying to find a way out…

The penguins that had become macaws were flying back to their dear Northern Pole with great expectation and exaltation. They were looking forward to the tender nature of a world without threatening shadows. All the colours on their feathers were not enough to repress the sense of joy which was bursting into smiles in their ingenuous souls. Life seemed great with one tiny little issue which was beginning to bother them slightly, namely where was their ice pack? They were facing some difficulties in finding their way in what appeared to be unchartered territory.

The Penguins that had become macaws were flying in all directions. They enjoyed the specific smell of freedom and the colours that were shining from every single feather they were dressed in. The shadows that were moving slowly and painfully far below were not a danger anymore. Exhilarating from such a feeling of happiness and relief, they pondered their own situation and decided to abandon the land which they had wrongfully considered theirs. They resolved to go back to their snowy and icy home with tremor in their kind souls.

Penguins were very depressed. They had only two options left, and no other one, either becoming shadows or accepting their fate and remaining prisoners for a very long time. They considered the matter in depth, deliberated with considerable focus and imagination, and eventually decided after 1 hour, 23 minutes and 45 seconds of intense exchanges, that these options were those available to penguins; should they become some other beings the situation would change. Penguins thus became macaws with beautiful colours and from that moment onwards managed to fly away from that obscure place. In doing so they also realized that they had found the colours back, so much so that all layers of colours were tainting their own feathers. When they paused for a while they thought their new world was a beautiful place.

There were shadows everywhere but Penguins could not interact with them. Penguins remembered that after all they could qualify as birds and they tried to fly, awkwardly so, just to hit what appeared to be a white and hard ceiling. They also recalled that on their ice-pack they could dig the snow with their beak and they tried to do so just to realize that the ground was solid and impossible to delve into it. Hence, after a lengthy deliberation, penguins concluded with immense sadness and a bit of perplexity that while looking for colours in a country which they believed was theirs, they might have been deprived of their liberty by unidentified shadows.