All penguins in the world, including those who did not look like penguins anymore, for instance macaws, white doves, monkeys of various kinds including kind ones, purple rabbits or crying blue elephants, met in the middle of what used to be the North Pole ice cap to discuss where the latter had gone. They debated for 3 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes and 12 seconds to come to a conclusion which did not satisfy anyone but represented a significant consensual contribution to the thinking on the matter, namely that they did not have a clue. A baby penguin who was disguised as a brownish shark with no teeth noted that when someone was not present the best was to call him or her which prompted the sending of around 9.492 texts by various means, including meaningless ones, and contributed further to freezing the network which, in the circumstances, was a good thing. All were anxiously waiting for a reply…

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