By experience, the penguins that were, that had been and that would be – may be not the latter – knew that ice had not always been nice to their kind. It had always been a very predictable, nasty, bright, ferocious and treacherous fellow. Furthermore, the penguins were now aware that the ice-cap had gone away after having hypnotized all living beings to hide its move which makes it even more vicious. Hence, if they were to have a chance to find it at any point in time in the future the somber prospects of which were lying in front of them, they had to anticipate a very nasty but well-conceived ruse by the tricky ice-cap. An old penguin who had in her old days taken the shape of a grey cormorant suggested that the ice-cap had gone in hiding in the furthest remove place of all, a place which no-one would guess, anticipate or imagine that it would have hidden away there, namely the rain forest. The penguins burst into laughter, they were overwhelmed by joy and happiness and a deep sense of exhilaration and decided to leave at once. Some went to the deepest part of the Amazonian Region and others to Papua New Guinea…

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