Remembering that being penguins they could not really kneel down, they stood up and asked the yellow butterfly to do the same for similar reasons. They stopped screaming and yelling and got closer to the yellow chimney in front of which they found, to their amazement, a splendid rectangular yellow door with a golden knob. They sang yet another song but without any sound stemming out of their paralyzed lungs. They opened the door with care and entered a small room which looked like a big cave at which point in time they realized to their surprise that the door had subsumed into a gigantic yellowish wall without end, a pure and concrete wall without a beginning or an end. The rest of the room was small and frightening. At this moment the very small penguins with a small yellow butterfly on the head of one of them asked in a shivering manner whether this was where the ice-cap was living…


The Penguins, joined by a yellow butterfly, were looking for a door that would open to a whole new world that would presumably be near an exit in the middle of the rainforest. The tension was palpable and the nerves of all mammals and insects alike were tetanized. There was indeed a small chance that somewhere in this chaotic green desert there would be an opening, a bridge, a tunnel, or a link which would bring them closer to their goal, before it was too late, before they started forgetting it, before the end became the start and vice versa. Eventually, from the smokes of a concrete world they saw a yellow cylinder emerging, aiming high at the sky and looking like the tears of a giant king. They kneel down and started singing the song of their joyful people, the combination of unbearable shrieks and screams. The butterfly gave it a try but unfortunately could not join them because long ago his own people had forgotten how to express itself in an audible manner. They were all looking at the yellowish figure…

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The Penguins were running in all directions. The wild green nature around them was slowly becoming suffocating. None of the shortlisted yellow animals they had previously identified had a clue where a door could be found. They had no other choice than looking for a yellow butterfly – since according to common knowledge, at least in their extended family, had a good and sound knowledge of doors, toasters, daisies, vacuum cleaners and turtles. By pure chance, they found one whose name was Robert and they started exchanging thoughts, jokes and old says with him. He eventually told them that if a door was to be found it would be near an exit, a confession which mesmerized them profoundly but only after having had an incredibly nice and sweet dinner and before taking a good night sleep… They all believed that they were getting closer than ever to a breakthrough in their quest.





A l’occasion de la sortie de trois de mes livres, la Librairie arabe l’olivier, a la gentillesse d’organiser une présentation pour vous retrouver ou rencontrer.

Les textes dont il s’agit sont un recueil de nouvelles « Marcher, Encore, Toujours » chez mes amis de Petits Tirages, un roman « Dialogue avec des ombres » aux éditions Kirographaires et enfin une petite chose surréaliste agrémentée de photos « An Unfinished Business : The Penguins’ Aphorisms » chez Createspace Independent .

Je céderai mes droits d’auteur au Fond Volontaires des Nations Unies pour les victimes de la torture.   

Je serai très heureux de vous retrouver le 4 décembre à la librairie, 5 rue de Fribourg, Genève (près de la gare Cornavin) à partir de 19H30 et discuter avec vous.

Amitiés, eric



The ‘Librairie arabe l’Olivier’ in Geneva is organizing a presentation of three of my books.

These texts are a collection of short stories entitled “Marcher, Encore, Toujours” (Petits Tirages editions), a novel “Dialogue avec des Ombres” (Editions Kirographaires) and a strange little book with pictures and surreal considerations « An Unfinished Business : The Penguins’ Aphorisms » (Createspace Independent).

The royalties will go to the UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture.

Should you be in Geneva on 4 December, I would be very pleased and honoured to see you on this occasion at the bookstore, 5 rue de Fribourg, 1201 Geneva (near Cornavin) at 19:30.

Kindest regards, eric

The Penguins embarked in a new journey aimed at identifying everything which was painted or tainted in a nice yellowish colour. This was a bit too easy in the rainforest and soon enough they identified 12.345 beings who bore this colour. They set up a working group composed of Penguins and an elephant who had nothing to do in this story and began filtering the various entries. After a rather lengthy process they retained three parrots, twenty-five butterflies, four hummingbirds and a handful of other unidentified objects or subjects and began interrogating them with a view to sort out whether they were a door and if so why they were in hiding and, surely enough, where on earth was the ice-cap.