Remembering that being penguins they could not really kneel down, they stood up and asked the yellow butterfly to do the same for similar reasons. They stopped screaming and yelling and got closer to the yellow chimney in front of which they found, to their amazement, a splendid rectangular yellow door with a golden knob. They sang yet another song but without any sound stemming out of their paralyzed lungs. They opened the door with care and entered a small room which looked like a big cave at which point in time they realized to their surprise that the door had subsumed into a gigantic yellowish wall without end, a pure and concrete wall without a beginning or an end. The rest of the room was small and frightening. At this moment the very small penguins with a small yellow butterfly on the head of one of them asked in a shivering manner whether this was where the ice-cap was living…


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