The Penguins joined by the yellow butterfly and a red salamander who had appeared from a nowhere beyond their reach were lamenting about the sinister situation which they were stuck in. There was no light and no door anywhere around them but the ground on which they were trying to stand still was constantly moving apparently towards the bottom of the earth in a manner not totally different from a slow motion elevator. Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, they lamented in a dark nowhereland which did not provide them with any hope whatsoever. At one point in this lengthy and comatose lapse of time, one of the penguins noted that they were on the verge of losing their language while another one added that they were also losing their ability to see. The yellow butterfly then suggested that they should decide that the darkness was blue and since it was blue there was faith to be held in the moving nature of things, feelings and expectations. They all rallied along this idea and they started seeing the world around them in blue which made a big difference since the Penguins turned blue, the yellow butterfly, green, and the red salamander violet. This made them laugh.

















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The Penguins regrouped at the bottom of the inversed funnel around the item which was felt to be cold and tried to feel whether it could be the tip of the ice-cap. They however quickly understood that they were indeed trying to grab the left foot of one of them who was languishing there with a profound melancholy, hence the coldness of his bottom part. The yellow butterfly protested vehemently arguing that proceeding in this manner would not be extremely fruitful and called upon all the Penguins to cooperate fully in order to find the ice-cap. A very tense moment followed during which a number of sharp words were exchanged and duly classified. A truce was eventually pronounced and all promised to rally around the common cause.

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This was clearly not the place where the ice-cap had gone in hiding, far from it. It was a small space filled with darkness and silence. The penguins and the yellow butterfly were sitting one next to the other, shivering and wondering why they had ended in this chimney. However, remembering that whatever goes up invariably goes down, they thought that the door that had vanished should probably be replaced soon by another one. They asked the yellow butterfly to look around for a door and after 2 minutes and approximately 15 seconds he stated that he had found something, a strange metallic item that looked like a toaster but smelled like an apple. They all gathered around the yellow butterfly but could not identify what he was hinting at, possibly because the darkness was intense. Instead, one of the penguins fell deeper in what seemed to be a space shaped like an inversed funnel and screamed that he had touched something cold and that this could be the ice-cap. All rejoiced and sang the song of victory but in a language they did not understand, a fact which stunned them deeply…

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