At one point in time during their endless quest in a land which they could recognize, the Penguins stopped for few minutes and ponder about the meaning of their existence. Since nothing came to their mind, they decided that it was time to move away from this ungodly place. They looked at the sun, drew up a circle with several corners, painted it with vivid colours, and let themselves be swallowed by it.

The blue penguins looked around the wild forest but could not see the ice-cap. To a certain extent, given the energy they had lost so far in this endless quest, they could not care less. At the same time, they resented the fact that not bringing back the ice-cap to their homeland would be a great disappointment for all penguinkind. They closed their eyes with these mixed-feelings and when they reopened them they realized that one of their eyes was only noticing colors while the other one was only impressed by a shadow of grey. This astounded them profoundly.

The blue penguins followed by their new friends that they called the “believers” got into a new room which itself opened to a long corridor followed by few stairs up, another room, another corridor and few stairs down and eventually got back into the very same room they had tried to get out from. In the meantime they had changed colours several times but had not seen anything which would look like an ice-cap not even an ice-pack. They drew up another door on the wall and when they opened it faced yet another corridor with a series of stairs and rooms, almost dark with a yellowish light bulb against the wall. The butterfly who accompanied them said naively and jokingly that this might be the result of some kind of dementia but unfortunately no one laughed anymore.

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