Wandering in a world which was losing its meaning step after step, the Penguins looked at the ground underneath them and discovered shadows of worlds that had been, worlds that could have been and worlds that would never be. All of them were moving around like brainless sparrows with no apparent sense of direction or purpose. At that moment they understood that the point was not that much what had to be done but how they were to do it and they noted with an immense feeling of satisfaction that nothing which they might have done or omitted to do in their tiny lives of penguins lost in this or whichever other nonsensical world could shame them. They felt proud about it and when looking at the salamander, the butterfly and the little girl with a red pullover they sensed without being in a position to prove it that they were all in the same position. Who was the culprit? did they wonder but they could not respond to this absurd question because their perception of the world was blurred and ineffective. The girl tried to speak but no sound emerged from her childish lips.

The wind of fury was falling upon the world with its ghostly figures. Blood and suffering, turmoil and chaos were flirting with a dazzling wind imitating some unknown and macabre dance. The little girl with a red shirt could not understand what was going on since she could not hear or see or feel anything. She simply anticipated that the world was proceeding with its endless journey towards life. The salamander saw sketches of light which did not match nor make any sense at all. He remained still along the girl’s left hand. The butterfly’s eyes were projecting sculptures of colours through millions of micro-eyes but she failed to grasp what was the meaning of all this thus leaving her with no choice than wondering along in the girl’s hair. The Penguins’ knew too well what was coming; they had seen the humans’ shadows all around with their smell of death and taste of power; they stood up on their fragile legs and surrounded the fragile little girl and took her by their fragile wings and all went away through the gates of fate…

The Penguins, the butterfly, the salamander and the little girl with a red sweater were sitting on a bench facing a lake. All but the little girl were admiring the colours of the rain. The little girl who could not hear, say or see anything had her head gently sloping from one penguin to the other. She seemed to enjoy it utterly despite her face which only reflected a silent pain. At one stage she took the tip of the Penguin’s wing and slowly wrote on the vacuum of the air what seemed to mean ‘WHY’. The Penguin reflected for a moment and then delicately took one of the little girl’s fingers and drew letters which could have read ‘WHY NOT’? He then retained a sigh while she remained still at the end of the world and of the time. There was no meaning and no aim, no past and future, just the mere present which overwhelmed them all.

The penguins, the butterfly, and the salamander were looking at the sky and wondering what it may be all about. The more they watched it and the more they realized that its nothingness was both deafening and powerful. There was no way they could even try to define it but they felt overwhelmed by its fluidity and lightness. It was nothing but everything at the same time. The little girl with a red raincoat was sitting in the middle of them with the butterfly dancing with her hair and the salamander resting on her lap. The penguins were surrounding her and for once were full of attention and care for a little girl whose life was just a terrible wreck. Since she could not speak there was no way they could ask her to tell the story of her life. Since she could not hear, there was no way they could describe what they were doing and who they were. But there was a sense of plenitude in her posture and she felt well among them and this could be felt by them. The Penguins, the butterfly and the salamander were looking at the sky and the little girl was looking into herself and into herself she was finding peace and for this she was grateful to whoever was next to her.

The Penguins, the yellow butterfly and the blue salamander walked around tirelessly, enjoying landscapes they could not understand, appreciating sounds they could not decipher nor identify, absorbing feelings they could not master. At one stage, they met a human child with whom they could not interact with and who was silently waiting for something or someone. They sat next to her and offered her a red raincoat because rain was pouring from a dark sky. She accepted in silence because she could not speak. There was a strange smile on her skinny and damaged face. The Penguins tried to sing a song but they had forgotten the rhyme. The butterfly started to dance but stopped when it became clear she could not see. The salamander wanted to joke about the moon on the horizon but forgot the ending when he realized she could not hear. They remained together for several hours because it was obvious she appreciated to be with them. The world around them was still and its meaning far too complex to comprehend.