The Penguins, the yellow butterfly and the blue salamander walked around tirelessly, enjoying landscapes they could not understand, appreciating sounds they could not decipher nor identify, absorbing feelings they could not master. At one stage, they met a human child with whom they could not interact with and who was silently waiting for something or someone. They sat next to her and offered her a red raincoat because rain was pouring from a dark sky. She accepted in silence because she could not speak. There was a strange smile on her skinny and damaged face. The Penguins tried to sing a song but they had forgotten the rhyme. The butterfly started to dance but stopped when it became clear she could not see. The salamander wanted to joke about the moon on the horizon but forgot the ending when he realized she could not hear. They remained together for several hours because it was obvious she appreciated to be with them. The world around them was still and its meaning far too complex to comprehend.

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