The Penguins, the butterfly, the salamander and the little girl with a red sweater were sitting on a bench facing a lake. All but the little girl were admiring the colours of the rain. The little girl who could not hear, say or see anything had her head gently sloping from one penguin to the other. She seemed to enjoy it utterly despite her face which only reflected a silent pain. At one stage she took the tip of the Penguin’s wing and slowly wrote on the vacuum of the air what seemed to mean ‘WHY’. The Penguin reflected for a moment and then delicately took one of the little girl’s fingers and drew letters which could have read ‘WHY NOT’? He then retained a sigh while she remained still at the end of the world and of the time. There was no meaning and no aim, no past and future, just the mere present which overwhelmed them all.

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