The little girl with a red scarf was walking on the water followed by an improbable cohort composed of a crazy old man, a cat previously referred to as a yellow butterfly, a salamander and few penguins. The liquid was solid on the surface but remained somewhat viscous and slimy immediately underneath. They could feel it although they had not real any chance to test it. They felt uneasy walking in this manner on top of the Austrian Ocean but they did not have a choice or did they? The little girl who could not speak, see or hear anything felt very light and happy, smiling and even whistling awkwardly a tune which made no real sense, this was kind of strange. The penguins were grumbling and tried to fly to avoid touching the solid water with their sensible feet they realized that the sky was also of a solid nature. They could not fly through it. They had no other option than walking aside the smiley little girl. The whole party was walking slowly between a solidified sea and a mollified sky. Suddenly, they saw an opening in the sea which had a shape of a square with a door tainted in white with yellowish nuances…

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