The little girl with a red scarf decided that she had stayed far too long in the squared room shaped with 7 walls and 9 angles and decided it was time to go for a wild walk at the bottom of the ocean amidst fish, dolphins, whales and sea flies. She went out with her blue eyes opened on an unknown world with water as the only and last boundary and walked for a while in a darkish environment. The penguins followed her with utter curiosity while the old man, the salamander and the butterfly moved slowly unsure about their ability to survive in this hostile world. All kinds of blue overwhelmed them in a deep shallow and a hollow shadow. She then decided to sing and strangely enough managed to do so despite the water engulfing her. Her voice echoed deeply in the depth of the Austrian Ocean.

The little girl with a red dress was walking in circles in a squared room with 7 walls and 9 angls. She realized suddenly that she could hear voices, and see shapes and shadows. Although she was full of blistering joy, she noted hazily that the beings accompanying her did not conform to what she felt they would be. She was neither thrilled nor overwhelmed by these mounting perceptions and growing feelings and left herself melt in a sense of boundless plenitude. She considered this blossoming as a new phase in her life which so far had been tainted with senseless moves and obvious misperceptions as well as sad, dull and unidentifiable memories. The penguins, the salamander, the cat which would soon evolve back into a butterfly and the old man looked at her and concluded it was nice to be underneath the skin of the Austrian Ocean.