The Little girl with a red shirt was anxious. Since she had recovered the ability to see, hear and speak, the world she was discovering was somewhat different from the one she had anticipated before from the depth of her dark realm. Feeling this emotional pressure, the penguins came to her and laughed about it stating that humans were always depressed when they faced their own misery but that she should not feel concerned since she was wearing a red dress. She noted that there was no link whatsoever between the colour of her hair and the nature of human kind to which the penguins responded by alluding to the size of the moon which was definitively warmer than the length of the little girl’s red scarf. The salamander and the butterfly added that there was no other dream than the smell of a tree while the old man emphasized that each time he was walking on the Ocean surface he was reminded of Hemingway. Although a bit confused, the little girl with a red watch smiled and contemplated the waves which, at that particular moment, looked like a wall of horses.

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