There was no entrance nor exit in the yellow building with no window, no door, no ceiling and no ground, nothing but a shallow yellow which was turning into various layers of colors depending on the time of the day. The group of friends moved around with a deep sense of anxiety which became unsustainable when several beings approached them with a gloomy look on their spotless and squared face with no eye and no mouth. At that precise moment, the salamander and the butterfly disappeared, never to be noticed again.

The penguins accompanying the little girl with a red scarf and the other unusual party decided to clarify in which city they were wandering around. Indeed, they found it quite strange that the city Piero della Francesca would be filled with humans only with no sign of other living creatures – with the possible exception of some obscure four-legs barking fellows and few anodyne flying animals with no sense of reality or purpose. One of the latter who was approached on this very subject did not manage to find any appropriate reply other than pointing to the forest to the South for possible shelter. The old man with his head on his hands started shaking violently, feeling he was once again losing his sight but the penguins were kind enough to move the oblong head in the right direction. The butterfly tried to assist as well but forgot the question which needed to be answered when they found themselves in a position to speak to other insects in the vicinity. As a measure of last resort, the penguins decided to get into the golden building with no entrance by using an underground passageway which they discovered underneath the black and yellow street.