The little girl with a red sweater, the penguins, a salamander, a butterfly and an old and sad man were packed in a small boat drifting away on the Austrian Ocean on top of what used to be Vienna. The little salamander wanted to get wherever he could admire Piero Della Francesca frescoes while the penguins vaguely remembered that they were in principle aiming at finding where the ice-cap had gone, the butterfly was longing for a cup of tea and the old man did not desire anything but peace which he believed was deeply entrenched at the bottom of this particular Ocean. They could not agree on where to go but had no desire to argue, particularly since they did not understand one another. At one point a penguin noticed that they had no oars nor sails, a fact which was not necessarily a good sign but no one else seemed to register this information. They all watched the sea which was indifferent to their aspirations while the little girl who could not hear, see or feel anything started smiling at the perception of freedom and plenitude which slowly infiltrated her skin and bones.

The Penguins and their believers assessed the situation and decided to move ahead since stillness only confused them. They considered that the goal was not in itself an issue to discuss anymore but the road was. Indeed they could not dream about understanding where they were going and how they could reach the ice-cap and bring it back where it belonged to. But they could easily determine what their next step should be, how to move one leg up and how to move it down, how to walk five meters up or down the road, when to eat or drink or sleep. Accordingly, they decided to forget about their future and focus on the present, and to this end took a series of decision about what to eat and when to do so, when to take a nap and where, where to stop for the night and for how long, and they felt good about it. Smiles came back to their pretty faces.