The water was cold and rising up fast within the little vessel on board of which the little girl, the penguins, the new cat and old butterfly, the old man without a sea and the salamander had taken refuge. None of them was extremely concerned about this phenomenon since they were also acutely aware of the fact that there was no Austrian Ocean and that therefore this episode might not be the clear reflection of the reality in the common sense of the word. However, they were uneasy about the whole course of events and did not like so much the physical tension resulting from toes, legs or paws being immersed in cold water. This contradiction in their inner feelings was somewhat stressful which provoked unexpected reactions such as a cat, formerly referred to as a yellow butterfly, talking about a burnt toaster, or a penguin whistling a composition by John Coltrane. Eventually, the water reached an unbearable level and all had to start swimming but soon enough realized that the water had solidified into a strange, mildly solid and viscous state upon which they could actually stand up and walk. They were mystified but relieved…

The girl with red shoes, the penguins, the salamander and the butterfly were evolving in a world which was setting new grounds, tentacles and channels on a daily basis. They could not grasp the oddity of it and were quite frankly impermeable to any concept of this nature. Instead they decided to dance and sing in mute voices to celebrate the beauty that resided in the inner self of any being, whichever or whoever it is. When this was done, they sat on a bench next to an old man and remained still for a long time.

Wandering in a world which was losing its meaning step after step, the Penguins looked at the ground underneath them and discovered shadows of worlds that had been, worlds that could have been and worlds that would never be. All of them were moving around like brainless sparrows with no apparent sense of direction or purpose. At that moment they understood that the point was not that much what had to be done but how they were to do it and they noted with an immense feeling of satisfaction that nothing which they might have done or omitted to do in their tiny lives of penguins lost in this or whichever other nonsensical world could shame them. They felt proud about it and when looking at the salamander, the butterfly and the little girl with a red pullover they sensed without being in a position to prove it that they were all in the same position. Who was the culprit? did they wonder but they could not respond to this absurd question because their perception of the world was blurred and ineffective. The girl tried to speak but no sound emerged from her childish lips.

La cathédrale de Rouen – (v2)