Suddenly, the penguins turned around and noticed that they were alone in the darkness. Everything and everyone had disappeared. No little girl with a red scarf, no old man, no butterfly, no earthling throwing money in the air and dancing and screaming and singing, no cat, no dog, no duck, no Piera della Francesca, no ice-cap, no ocean, no dream, no nightmare, no corridor, no sky and no ground, no ceiling and no cellar, no nothing, they had lost track of the umpteenth number of hours , days, months seeking for something which they could not grasp, nor even understand, they looked around and they were alone, they were not even sure if there were any other thing that three penguins, and not even that was clear enough to be proclaimed loud and clear in the country with no name, no shape, no glimpse of existence. They said nothing. They felt nothing. They feared everything. Accordingly and for very good reasons they sat down and decided to play cards.

The little girl with a red teeshirt was walking in an endless white corridor with few penguins and an old man. They were surrounded by strange headless beings which were playing with black squared balls. The game had no meaning, at least none which could be understood. All beings were silently screaming and throwing banknotes in the air while the black squared balls were turning around in a meaningless dance. Other beings were obediently dying in an absolute indifference.

There was no entrance nor exit in the yellow building with no window, no door, no ceiling and no ground, nothing but a shallow yellow which was turning into various layers of colors depending on the time of the day. The group of friends moved around with a deep sense of anxiety which became unsustainable when several beings approached them with a gloomy look on their spotless and squared face with no eye and no mouth. At that precise moment, the salamander and the butterfly disappeared, never to be noticed again.