The little girl with a red teeshirt was walking in an endless white corridor with few penguins and an old man. They were surrounded by strange headless beings which were playing with black squared balls. The game had no meaning, at least none which could be understood. All beings were silently screaming and throwing banknotes in the air while the black squared balls were turning around in a meaningless dance. Other beings were obediently dying in an absolute indifference.

There was no entrance nor exit in the yellow building with no window, no door, no ceiling and no ground, nothing but a shallow yellow which was turning into various layers of colors depending on the time of the day. The group of friends moved around with a deep sense of anxiety which became unsustainable when several beings approached them with a gloomy look on their spotless and squared face with no eye and no mouth. At that precise moment, the salamander and the butterfly disappeared, never to be noticed again.

The Little girl with a red shirt was anxious. Since she had recovered the ability to see, hear and speak, the world she was discovering was somewhat different from the one she had anticipated before from the depth of her dark realm. Feeling this emotional pressure, the penguins came to her and laughed about it stating that humans were always depressed when they faced their own misery but that she should not feel concerned since she was wearing a red dress. She noted that there was no link whatsoever between the colour of her hair and the nature of human kind to which the penguins responded by alluding to the size of the moon which was definitively warmer than the length of the little girl’s red scarf. The salamander and the butterfly added that there was no other dream than the smell of a tree while the old man emphasized that each time he was walking on the Ocean surface he was reminded of Hemingway. Although a bit confused, the little girl with a red watch smiled and contemplated the waves which, at that particular moment, looked like a wall of horses.

The little girl with a red dress was walking eyes wide opened at the bottom of the Austrian Ocean when she realized nothing meant much, that today, yesterday, or tomorrow did not mean much in a reality which could engulf anyone in a second, that everything and anything were abstract concepts with no more meaning than a bunch of purple potatoes or a pink bee, that beauty was everywhere to be seen but rarely felt. She sat down amidst all kinds of fish and sea creatures and talked to them with compassion. They did not really listen to her…

The little girl with a red dress was walking in circles in a squared room with 7 walls and 9 angls. She realized suddenly that she could hear voices, and see shapes and shadows. Although she was full of blistering joy, she noted hazily that the beings accompanying her did not conform to what she felt they would be. She was neither thrilled nor overwhelmed by these mounting perceptions and growing feelings and left herself melt in a sense of boundless plenitude. She considered this blossoming as a new phase in her life which so far had been tainted with senseless moves and obvious misperceptions as well as sad, dull and unidentifiable memories. The penguins, the salamander, the cat which would soon evolve back into a butterfly and the old man looked at her and concluded it was nice to be underneath the skin of the Austrian Ocean.

The little girl with a red hat was lying on the floor of a squarely designed room with 7 walls and 9 angles. She was dreaming that she could see, hear and speak and that she was surrounded with friends and family who cherished her. But when saw the shadow of a human being with an awkward smile getting closer to her she woke up. She found herself among penguins painting frescoes on the whitely colored walls, a salamander singing the praise of the unicorns and Piero della Francesca, a sleeping cat and an old man speaking about the philosophy of football. She felt relieved and protected underneath the Austrian Ocean